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An addendum to my last post… Seth Godin’s criticism has sparked a lot of discussion at The Chronicle of Philanthropy and has reminded me of an important point I failed to make in my last post. When you are using social media, your primary goal really shouldn’t be how many “followers” or “friends” you have. Many non-profits have taken issue with Godin’s point that non-profits aren’t successful with social media because they aren’t in the Top 100 Twitter users. Most commenters agree – and I do too — that “Number of Followers” is a poor measure of success. Many of the top Twitter users are celebrities (Ashton Kutcher) and media outlets (CNN) that have a tremendous reach. Unless your non-profit is nationwide, you will never reach those numbers.Which brings me back to my point – the quantity isn’t what is important, it’s the quality of those followers, and the way you engage them. If you only have 100 followers, but all of them have visited your museum at least once, isn’t that better than having 5,000 followers who barely know who you are and what you do? You should use social media to deepen your relationship with your supporters, educate them on your mission, and draw them into your museum’s fold. Don’t fall into a trap of measuring your success by your number of followers – instead, focus on the quality of your relationships with those followers.

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