Living History Farms uses Pinterest to promote their uniqueness

The other day we looked at the way the New England Museum Association was using Pinterest.

Today I found another great museum Pinterest page – this time by Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa. Their boards celebrate all that is unique about their living history site: “From the Farm Kitchen,” “Farm Life,” “As American As…”, “Rustic Romance” (weddings), “Tea Time,” “Iowa Love,” “Farm Sweet Farm,” and “Bits of History.”

I love these boards as they do a great job of marketing the museum through the use of beautiful photography. A visitor can look at this Pinterest page and have a good overview of what they will see on a visit to Living History Farms.

Plus, LHF does a good job with picking Pinterest board categories that appeal to female users – the highest demographic of Pinterest. Things like food, country decor, and weddings are very popular on Pinterest.

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