Write and Reuse: Repurposing Content

Overwhelmed by the amount of writing you need to do for your communications pieces? You aren’t alone. Most nonprofits produce print newsletters, email newsletters, web content, and press releases on a regular basis, not to mention the need to supply fresh content to your social media channels.

But here is a secret: You don’t need to write fresh content for each channel. Especially if you have a small staff, you should only be writing one article per news event. You should then repurpose that content for your other channels.

To give you an idea of how this can work for you, here is how I tackle it.

First, I evaluate the story idea. Is it newsworthy? Would the media be interested in publishing it? If so, I write the story as a press release. If it isn’t newsworthy to the outside media, but would be interesting to my organization’s constituents (members, donors, volunteers, visitors), I write it as a feature for the website.

No matter which way I write it, I post it to my website. If it is a press release, I also email it out to the media.

Then it is time to get the story out on social media. Write a Facebook post (one sentence) and include the link to the story on your website. Same for Twitter, and any other channels you may use. By including the link, you are also driving more traffic to your website!

When it is time to put together your monthly email newsletter, you can again use the same story. Write a one or two sentence lead-in about the story to include in the email, and provide a link to the full story on your website.

If the story is worthy enough to be included in your quarterly print newsletter, run the story that was posted on the website – sometimes you may need to tweak it, sometimes not. This way, your print newsletter is basically already written – all you need to do is design it!

There are a variety of other uses for your story content:

  • Email the link to your Board, donors, and media who may be interested in it.
  • Link to it from other areas of your website.
  • Use it as an easy way to write your “Year in Review” for your Annual Report
  • Point people to it if they are interested in the work your organization does.

A half hour writing an article once can yield a lot of results and save you a lot of work!

What are some other ways you’ve repurposed content? Chime in below!