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History is not the only thing lacking in today’s schools

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Blogger William E. White’s Huffington Post article, “Education in America Serves No Purpose Today,” is a great call to arms for reforms to our education system. I experience our school system from a variety of perspectives. I live with a teacher, so I hear about the inner workings of

Do your guides have access to primary source materials?

I found this blog post, “A seasonal ranger ponders “The State of History in the National Park Service,” by Jennifer Burns, very thought-provoking on two different levels: as an administrator and as a docent. Burns discusses the National Park Service report, Imperiled Promise, and admits she isn’t surprised by

Lack of history in schools gets some mainstream coverage

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It isn't really news to those of us in the history field that schools today are cutting back on history lessons in favor of the math and reading skills that appear on standardized tests. But I was happy to see this issue get some national mainstream exposure on CNN's

What lessons can we learn from the NPS’s President’s House?

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With the start of 2011 comes the 150th anniversary of the Civil War – the War Between the States, the War of the Rebellion, the War of Northern Aggression, the War for Southern Independence, the Freedom War. All of these names have appeared in history text books. The version

Very few Americans can pass a test on the American Revolution – can you?

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Scary numbers of people know very little about the events surrounding the American Revolution. For those of us in the history world, this probably does not come as a huge shock. But in light of the cuts being made to history and social studies programs across the nation in

Who wrote your child’s history text?

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I am taking history courses right now to earn a second bachelor’s degree in history, and even in the 100 level classes, they are having us do history research online. We have had to find sites that are acceptable for collegiate research and sites that are not acceptable.

What we can learn from history’s leaders

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I really enjoyed Jonathan Gifford’s article on leadership qualities we can learn from history’s great personalities, which appeared in The Guardian. Jump there to read the whole article, or grab a copy of author Jonathan Gifford’s book, History Lessons: What Business and Managers Can Learn from the Movers and

Texas pols debate history curriculum – but should they be making the decisions?

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So I admit that I am not the most qualified person to voice an opinion on this, which is why I’d love to hear your opinions. This New York Times article from last month talks about the Texas Board of Education and their vote to make their history curriculum

History from a high schooler’s perspective

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I served as a judge for the Maryland History Day competition last weekend, for the Senior Individual Exhibit category. My two judging colleagues and I saw 7 different projects, with topics ranging from Thomas Paine to Eleanor Roosevelt to Sir Francis Drake to Bill Gates. As in all competitions,

Emphasize summer learning

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An article from the Institute of Museum and Library Services points out that students can lose up to 2 1/2 months worth of learning over the summer holiday if they do not read or participate in other educational activities. The article sites several initiatives libraries and museums across the

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