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Living History Farms uses Pinterest to promote their uniqueness

The other day we looked at the way the New England Museum Association was using Pinterest. Today I found another great museum Pinterest page – this time by Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa. Their boards celebrate all that is unique about their living history site: “From the Farm

Great use for Pinterest to promote museums

I stumbled across this Pinterest page in my web travels and found it a great use of the site for promoting museums. The New England Museum Association has created a page for each state they represent, and a pin for each museum in each state! What a great use

New site uses Google Maps so heritage tourists can find your museum

Within the last week, I have launched a new website project, History Site Locator. This site grew out of my frustration at finding historic museums to visit as I road-tripped across the country. The website is a database of history museums that is searchable, and each museum is pinpointed

How to set up a Twitter account and start tweeting

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I just wrote this piece for ALHFAM‘s upcoming Bulletin and thought I would share it here as well, in case you have been wanted to jump on the Twitter band wagon and have been scared!

Foursquare and Yelp! Is this some type new language?

Yes! Yes, it is – it is the language of social media. Foursquare and Yelp! are both location-based social networking services and are two of the most used of a whole bunch of similar apps. What may surprise you about these two services is that I can almost guarantee

Social media isn’t the answer to your low visitor traffic

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I’m sure this has happened to many of you before. You are sitting in a staff or board meeting, brainstorming ways to increase your visitor traffic, and someone says, “I know! We need to create a Facebook page and start Twittering!” What these people do not understand is that

Tweeting the Bill of Rights

I am always looking for creative ways that museums and libraries are using social media to engage their audiences. Today’s fine example comes to us from the National Archives, who challenged their blog readers and Twitter followers to tweet in 140 characters or less the Bill of Rights! You

LoC posts Civil War photos on Flickr

A post on the Library of Congress blog reports that the organization recently posted a collection of Civil War-era photos on the social media site Flickr as a way to share these photos with a much wider audience than will be able to see them in person as a

An addendum to my social media post…

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An addendum to my last post… Seth Godin’s criticism has sparked a lot of discussion at The Chronicle of Philanthropy and has reminded me of an important point I failed to make in my last post. When you are using social media, your primary goal really shouldn’t be how

Are non-profits afraid of social media?

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy has responded to Seth Godin’s scolding of non-profits’ “non-use” of social media. One of Seth’s points is that all non-profits should have a group of volunteers ready to head up their social media efforts, and if they don’t, “then you’re not working on something important

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