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Viral tweeting can spread the word in a flash

Wanted to share this great idea from the Maryland Zoo. Their fundraising event “Brew at the Zoo” is this weekend. They sent out a tweet today that said “To win Brew at the Zoo tickets for Saturday – retweet this message. At 4:30pm today we will announce a winner.”

What it “Twitter” and should I be using it?

So in the past few weeks, this Twitter thing has really exploded. News anchors twitter. Obama twitters. Your niece and nephew twitter. I’ve been conked over the head with it everywhere I turn. And so I started Twittering.

Attract younger audiences on Facebook

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I admit that, until a month ago, I resisted joining Facebook or MySpace on the principle that I was too old. But I finally broke down and joined Facebook and was pleasantly surprised. I reconnected with old friends I had lost touch with, and I was able to join

Attracting younger audiences

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Thought I would re-purpose a post I just posted in the AASLH forum, for those who aren’t members. Here are some ideas on how to market to young professionals and college students:

Tapping into kids’ love of technology

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The National Trust blog points to an interesting article on CNET News about appealing to school-aged kids through the technology they already love. Kids already spend a good deal of free time creating podcasts, filming YouTube videos, creating websites, and chatting with friends via MySpace or Facebook.

Look online to ‘meet up’ with local supporters

I am one of the organizers of a History Buffs Meet-Up Group in the Baltimore area. These meet up groups are a ready-made audience for your organization – you just have to invite them!

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