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The always-present cell phone camera in museums

So today, I was struck by just how common cell phone cameras are and the problems they could cause for museums. I was giving a tour of my historic site to a group of seventh graders. As soon as we walked into the first historic room, out came 20

Overnight guests at living history museums

In July’s issue of Baltimore Magazine was an article I found quite interesting: Down on the Farm. The article’s author spent a weekend at a bed and breakfast that also offers a farm-like experience. Visitors can choose to just relax on the large front porch and enjoy the scenic

“Stuffed Animal Sleepover” great way to engage pre-school set

One of my friend’s children participated in a great program at the Madeline Olewine Memorial Library in Harrisburg (part of the Dauphin County Library System) and I couldn’t help but think how well it could work at museums too! The program was a “Stuffed Animal Sleepover.” The kids who

New site uses Google Maps so heritage tourists can find your museum

Within the last week, I have launched a new website project, History Site Locator. This site grew out of my frustration at finding historic museums to visit as I road-tripped across the country. The website is a database of history museums that is searchable, and each museum is pinpointed

Crowd-sourcing: Does the Public Deserve a Vote?

So if you have been on the museum conference circuit in the past two years, the term “crowd-sourcing” is not new to you. Conference sessions aplenty have been conducted about this concept, discussing it from every angle – Is it good? Is it bad? How do we get more?

Things that go BOO

Well, it’s that time of year, when ghosts and goblins roam the streets. Thanks to hit television shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, ghosts are enjoying extreme popularity these days. As Halloween nears, many historic sites and towns offer ghost tours. I took a ghost walk around Historic

Tell your visitors a story

Hello history fans! I took a break from blogging over the summer, due to several vacations and the fact that I decided to go back to school and pick up a degree in history. It was been wonderfully exciting to read my text books and discuss history with my

Visitor-inspired exhibits via market research

In the March/April issue of Museum Magazine (available to members of AAM), the “In Museum” section features a short blurb on an upcoming exhibition at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NY. In order to determine the focus of their Fall 2010 exhibition, the Currier Museum conducted a

A future historian

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I worked as a docent at Homewood Museum last weekend and had the opportunity to interact with what I hope is a future historian. A little girl came to the house museum with her father, and I approached them to see if they had any questions. “Yes,” the little

Kids get their hands on history

Last weekend, I was once again reminded what an important role living history can play making an event both exciting and educational. “The Redcoats Are Coming” was a weekend-long encampment of both British and Continental soldiers on the grounds of Jerusalem Mill Village in Kingsville, MD. We had crowds

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